Prayers 4 Ollie - Special Edition

Prayers 4 Ollie - Special Edition

Our hearts were touched when Finn, our Privateer Factory team rider, reached out to us with a heartfelt request to aid his friend in need during this holiday season. Ollie, Finn's friend, faced a life-altering motocross accident in Washington state last July. Finn, driven by compassion, decided to contribute to Ollie's recovery by generously donating all sponsor proceeds from his Finn 124 Moto Incorporated Signature Series products plus the creation of the “Prayers 4 Ollie” mission. Together we can!

As we delved deeper into Ollie's story, the gravity of his situation compelled us to extend our support further to a friend and family in dire need. The Abrao family's GoFundMe pages shed light on Ollie's ordeal—he suffered severe injuries during a motocross race in a small town in Washington. These injuries included fractures in both sides of his jaw, a fractured skull, a brain bleed, and a traumatic brain injury (DAI). Since the incident, Ollie has been at Randall's Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon and the path to recovery appears lengthy and uncertain coupled with significant medical expenses.

To alleviate the Abrao family's burden, a fundraiser has been established to cover essential therapies and rehabilitation, ensuring any excess funds are safeguarded for Ollie's future needs. Your contribution can make a difference—visit to offer your financial support.

Furthermore, an additional fundraising initiative is underway to assist the Ronald McDonald House, a sanctuary that has provided solace to the Abrao family during their time away from home. The East Portland Ronald McDonald House has graciously extended their support, offering a comforting and nurturing environment, meals prepared by compassionate volunteers, and various amenities, all free of charge. You can learn more and contribute to their cause by visiting

Moved by Finn's noble intentions and driven to offer further support, we're extending an invitation to join us in prayer for Ollie and the Abrao family. You can show your solidarity by purchasing a "Prayers 4 Ollie" t-shirt, hoodie, or hat. Every penny of the profits from these items will directly aid the Abrao family in covering Ollie's recovery and medical expenses.

The Abrao family's ability to provide care for Ollie has been sustained by the exceptional dedication of the medical professionals at Randall's Children's Hospital in Portland, OR, the remarkable support from the Ronald McDonald House, and the overwhelming love, prayers, and backing from the moto community. Your support, whether through donations, prayers, or spreading the message, means the world to Ollie and his family during this challenging time.



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