Gunner “GUN-GUN” Burnson

Gunner “GUN-GUN” Burnson

Bike: KTM SX-E5, KTM 50cc, KTM 65cc, FMF, Jetting, Funnel Filter, Dunlop Tires, Scotts Damper.

1. When did you first become interested in riding dirt bikes? What or who influenced your involvement?

I started riding with my dad at 2yrs old. I followed him on my dirtbike while he was on his Mountain Bike. We rode trails, dirt roads, urban areas, basically everywhere.

2. When did you begin participating? How has your involvement evolved?

My dads friend had a race and told him he should enter me. I agreed and raced, taking 1st place in Novice. I then entered the next race in Ameatur, took 1st and have loved racing ever since.

3. What do you love most about racing dirt bikes?

I love testing my skills against other kids. I mostly ride with my dad and his friends, even though I love to be able to follow them and try to keep up, it is difficult to judge my ability against adults on much bigger and more powerful bikes. I watch all the Motocross and Supercross races and even raced in the KTM Jr. Supercross in Tampa Florida. Meeting the pros and asking them questions is the best.

4. If you had to describe riding in 5 words or less, how would you describe it?


5. What is it about racing dirt bikes that is most exciting to you? Competition? Risk? Innovation? Other?

Freeriding, challenging myself and exploring new areas.

6. If you didn’t compete what else would you be doing?

I also love to play baseball, swim, hike and spend time with my friends.

7. What are your short and long term goals? What do you see yourself achieving?

Short Term 2023- Win the NV State Championship, Long Term- Stay healthy, learn as much as I can yearly and be able to compete in a Pro MX, SX and or Hard Enduro Race.

8. How do you prepare or set yourself up for success? What do you do that is above and beyond?

I am learning as much as I can about Mechanics. Workout at least 3x per week, study and listen to my Coaches.

9. What is something people would never guess or believe about you?

I do tricks on a freestyle ramp. I finish most books in a few days and I get lots of Sportsmanship awards.

10. What are the greatest obstacles you face? How do you overcome them?

When I go up a class I get nervous. In the past I wouldn't do great in the first race but now I do not get intimidated, I show up with confidence and excitement.

11. Have you faced critics and naysayers? How do you handle the negativity?

Once I entered Expert Class and winning each race I began to see first hand what some pros have said about haters - I ignore them and know they aren’t worth my time.

12. What are your greatest successes?

Racing the KTM Jr. Supercross in Tampa Florida. Riding difficult trails with my Dad, people are in disbelief when they see my capabilities. Backflips on my Trampoline. BMX trophies, School awards. Baseball Sportsmanship Award. Catching huge fish in Mexico.

13. What are your biggest mistakes? What did you learn from them?

Not believing my parents when they said I’m the best. I learned to believe in myself and to show up to competitions with confidence.

14. What advice would you give to a newcomer?

Listen to your Parents, coaches, etc. Ride with people of your level or better.

15. Who do you follow, admire or aspire to be like? Why?

Jett Lawrence- I have been able to chat / hang out with him and Hunter in the Honda Semi Truck. He is so smooth and fast. I love watching him race. He rides in control and makes great fast decisions. He is funny and very humble for how fast he is.

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